Who We Are

The Golf Practice (TGP) has a long established commitment to excellence. Our mastery approach is both thoughtful and comprehensive, and aims at helping students of all ages and levels experience who have a desire to learn the sport. We take special pride in developing unique training protocols, facility concepts, and learning aids, that engage students and accelerate their skill development process.

Collaborators who have a passion for golf and learning.  We have a desire to contribute to the lives of others either by introducing something new that improves the quality of their lives or by showing people that something thought to be impossible is in fact possible.


Our Mission

Our mission is make the sport of golf more accessible to people by transforming  the experience  of  learning  and playing the game. Reach out around the world to all spectrums of the population to promote the game with our concepts to make the benefits of The Golf truly “accessible” in every sense of the word.


The Meaning of our Name?

“Being admired of the ancient and healthful exercise of The Golf …”

                                            The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews
                                                    Proclaiming the beginning of something special
                                                                                                                         May 1754


“… Fascination is the true and proper mother of discipline. And the Gowf  is a place to Practice fascination. ‘Tis slow enough to concentrate the mind and complex enough to require our many parts. In that ‘tis a microcosm of the world’s larger discipline …”

                                                     Shivas Irons – “Golf in the Kingdom” 

PGA Recognized Academy

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