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Summer Programs

Evanston, IL

Programs Offered

Half Day Summer Camp


Canal Shores Golf Course (Evanston, IL)

Half Day Summer Camp, Level I of our three Summer Camps offered at Canal Shores GC in Evanston, is for beginners or students with limited experience. We have found that golf is best learned when students are fascinated. Our team of professional golf coaches blends the basic techniques of the game with a more non-traditional approach of game play and functional movement. We guarantee your junior golfer has never experienced a golf camp like this!

Travel League Summer Camp


Canal Shores Golf Club (Evanston, IL)

This camp is for players who have previous golf experience and are looking to take their skills to the course. We have found that students at this level improve at a faster rate when they are engaged and having fun. Compared to the Junior Essentials Camp, Travel Camp focuses on developing skills through on-course games and competitions. Each day campers will also spend some time in skill stations where coaches will help develop basic fundamentals and skills. 

High School Prep Camp


Canal Shores Golf Club (Evanston, IL)

This camp is for students who have the goal to play on their high school’s golf team. Students must have significant on-course experience and be interested in refining their skills and mechanics to improve their scores. Compared to the Travel Camp, students will spend more time playing their own ball on the course and keeping their individual score. Also, each student will receive a 30 minute one-on-one lesson with a senior coach during the camp.