High School Boot Camp

This in-depth program is intended to prepare skilled players for upcoming high school tryouts. Whether your goal is to make your high school golf team or be your team’s #1 player, this program is for you! All current and aspiring high school golfers are welcome to participate.

Participants will attend Boot Camp five days per week and will receive five hours of group instruction per day. If you’re looking to take your game to the next level, this program can’t be beat!

The curriculum will consist of:

  • A private goal-setting session to identify both short- and long-term goals and golf-related aspirations.
  • Lessons in how students can effectively document their daily progress in order to organize their thoughts, practice routines, and hold themselves accountable.
  • Instructions on how to prepare for each golf session through a daily routine that includes dynamic physical and mental warmup exercises.
  • On-course tactical tournament training that focuses on teaching techniques for strategic planning, course management, decision-making, situational awareness, recovering from trouble, gaining confidence, and staying focused in the present moment.
  • Dedicated short-game instruction with a focus on building the student’s confidence and creative shot-making skills.
  • Detailed full-swing analysis to identify weaknesses and help explore potential adjustments.
  • Full-swing projects and personalized drills to provide students with efficient and effective practice methods.
  • Developing each student’s “personal par” and expectations for improvement.
  • Empowering the student’s ability to achieve their best, in the moments they will need it most.

The Golf Practice is a PGA recognized academy


M–F: 2:00pm – 7:00pm


Deerfield Golf Club

Student-Teacher Ratio


Commitment Options

10 days, 15 days, 20 days, or 25 days

Important: Students are not required to attend consecutive weeks or days. The Golf Practice is sensitive to busy summer schedules. Should the above scheduling not satisfy your family’s needs, please contact info@thegolfpractice.com to personalize your schedule.


Students participating in the High School Boot Camp program are invited to compete in TGP’s Junior Golf Tour. Students will be divided into two teams and go head-to-head in a season-long competition. A points race based on individual performance will also be tallied. Tournaments will be held every Monday from June 8-June 27; and from July 13-27. A Google form, with the courses for each tournament, will be sent to families in this program, to be filled out with the dates your junior golfer plans on playing.

Please note: If you are attending High School Boot Camp on a Monday, the tournament will not be an option since it starts at 2pm.

High School Boot Camp 2020

$1,400 / 10 days  |  $2,055 / 15 days  |  $2,500 / 20 days  |  $3,050 / 25 days
(payment plans available)

All camps are M–F from 2pm–7pm at Deerfield Golf Club.

Four of the five days will be dedicated practice/work days at Deerfield Golf Club. The fifth day will be a dedicated travel day, with students traveling to each of the golf courses at which high school tryouts will be held. The playing schedule will be announced prior to the start of the program.

Week 1

JUL  6 – JUL 10

Week 2

JUL  13 – JUL 17

Week 3

JUL  20 – JUL 24

Week 4

JUL  27 – JUL 31

Week 5

AUG  3 – AUG 7

TGP’s Golf Bag Program

Junior golfers who participate in three or more advanced programs within a 12-month period will receive a complimentary and personalized golf bag as a recognition of their dedication. Each golf bag will include a customized TGP logo and the player’s name.

2019 high school teams with TGP students