Travel League Summer Camp

Full-day Training for Advanced Golfers

Travel League Summer Camp is a new program from The Golf Practice that has replaced the Full-Day Junior Camp program. The Travel League Summer Camp, a popular choice that debuted last summer, is aimed at experienced golfers who crave more hands-on and sophisticated training. With a focus on successful practice habits and transitioning those habits to the golf course, students will be well on their way to lowering their scores. Camp participants will travel to a different golf course one day each week in order to test their skills in a new environment. The cost of transportation is included in the price below.

This program focuses on helping players develop:

  • A reliable pre-shot routine – Junior golfers will continue to build a consistent pre-shot routine that allows them to analyze and prepare for each shot, which is a skill that is needed to successfully perform under pressure.
  • Wedging skills – Students will gain an understanding of how to execute a proper wedge shot and how to vary their shot trajectory through their setup and stroke.
  • Putting technique – Students will continue to develop their grip and postures to allow for a free-moving putting stroke, and they will work on various drills to isolate the skills specific to putting (e.g., reading greens, clubface alignment, solid contact, and speed management).
  • Recovery shots – Each player will be taught specialty shots that can be utilized when trying to escape trouble areas on the golf course.
  • Competitive playing procedures – Players will learn more advanced rules and the nuances of golf etiquette that are required in tournament competition.

$745  for 1 week

$1,395  for 2 weeks

$2,695  for 4 weeks

(Payment plans available)

The Golf Practice is a proud partner of U.S. Kids Golf.


8–14 years


Canal Shores Golf Club (Evanston, IL)


M–F: 8:00am – 1:00pm

Rental Clubs

Can be purchased for additional $40

Participants Should

  • Be able to walk 9 holes.
  • Be able to score 5 strokes or better from 100 yards.
  • Have a passion to improve.
  • Have a positive attitude.

Summer 2020

$745 / 1 week  |  $1,395 / 2 week  |  $2,695 / 4 weeks
(payment plans available)

All camps are M–F from 8am–1pm at Canal Shores Golf Club.

Week 1

JUN  8 – JUN 12

Week 2

JUN  15 – JUN 19

Week 3

JUN  22 – JUN 26

Week 4

JUN  29 – JUL 3

Week 5

JUL  6 – JUL 10

Week 6

JUL  13 – JUL 17

Week 7

JUL  20 – JUL 24

Week 8

JUL  27 – JUL 31

Week 9

AUG  3 – AUG 7