Travel League – Summer Session at Glenview Prairie Club

Taking it to the Course (Ages 8-14)

Travel League is the fourth step in TGP’s Junior Development Series and is intended to be an introduction to competitive golf. Travel League is geared toward young golfers who have demonstrated basic playing skills, a primary understanding of rules and etiquette, have previous golf course experience, and have an interest in competitive golf. Travel League golfers will be coached to be thoughtful students of the game while challenging their own abilities through well-intentioned practice. Students will have an understanding of their specific golf projects and how they can utilize various resources to properly measure their progress and experiences.


2020 Summer Session (9 Weeks)

In this program, students will play 9 holes a day at Glenview Prairie Golf Club. Tee times will start at 10:30am, with two more groups teeing off at 10:40am and 10:50am. Your exact tee time will be sent to you on the weekend right before that week’s session. Students should be picked up following their round, which typically takes roughly two hours. Students will also use the Seesaw learning app to receive curriculum from Program Director Andrew Martinez-Grant, and also upload their results and accomplishments. Two 30-minute private lessons, to develop and hone swing projects, are also included in tuition.

Our coaches will be wearing masks, and students should wear one as well. Once they get on the course and are six feet or more away from their playing partners, they can remove their mask. Those social distancing measures (6 feet or more) should be followed at all times, by both students and teachers. There should be no sharing of items or equipment between anyone, and students must bring their own clubs, balls, tees, ball markers, divot repair tool, snacks and water.

Before the start of camp, families will be contacted regarding the weeks they plan to attend. There are no make-ups in this program, and absences will not be credited or refunded. If you know that you cannot make a certain day, you must notify us before you register so we can prorate your tuition. 


Dates: June 8 – August 7, 2020

Time: Monday – Friday; tee times start at 10:30am

Location: Glenview Prarie Club (MAP)

Student-to-Teacher Ratio: 3:1

Commitment Options: 2-5 weeks

** Payment plans available.




Week 1:
June 8 – June 12
Week 2:
June 15 – June 19
Week 3:
June 22 – June 26

Week 4: July 29 – July 3
Week 5:
July 6  – July 10
Week 6:
July 13 – July 17
Week 7:
July 20 – July 24
Week 8:
July 27 – July 31

Week 9: August 3-August 7


 This program focuses on helping players develop:


  • A reliable pre-shot routine. Junior golfers will continue to build a consistent pre-shot routine that allows them to analyze and prepare for each shot, which is a skill that is needed to successfully perform under pressure.
  • Wedging skills. Students will gain an understanding of how to execute a proper wedge shot and how to vary their shot trajectory through their setup and stroke.
  • Putting technique. Students will continue to develop their grip and postures to allow for a free-moving putting stroke, and they will work on various drills to isolate the skills specific to putting (e.g., reading greens, clubface alignment, solid contact, and speed management).
  • Recovery shots. Each player will be taught specialty shots that can be utilized when trying to escape trouble areas on the golf course.
  • Competitive playing procedures. Players will learn more advanced rules and the nuances of golf etiquette that are required in tournament competition.



TGP’s Golf Bag Program

Junior golfers who participate in three or more advanced programs within a 12-month period
will receive a complimentary and personalized golf bag as a recognition of their dedication.
Each golf bag will include a customized TGP logo and the player’s name.


The Golf Practice is a proud partner of U.S. Kids Golf.

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