“The Cube”

The Area’s Premiere Indoor Golf Training & Practice Center

Our 13,000-square foot Indoor Training & Practice Center provides students of the game with an inside facility that replicates an on-course environment. We have created a place that is fun and inviting for golfers and one that enhances the training and practice experience.

By providing measurable objective feedback, improvement is accelerated once a player is made aware of the specific areas they need to hone. We are diligent in encouraging our students to have a pulse on their progression and offering pointers to benefit their performance.

During the winter months, The Cube is home to all of our Junior Academy training programs so that our students can keep their skills sharp year-round.

The Golf Practice is a PGA recognized academy

The Golf Practice is a proud partner of U.S. Kids Golf

Rates and Schedule

Off-Peak Practice Rates

$40 for 60 minutes

($20 for each additional 30 min.)

Peak Practice Rates

$50 for 60 minutes

($25 for each additional 30 min.)

Public Practice Hours

M–F: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Sat: 8am – 3pm
Sun: 2pm – 6pm

Peak rates are in effect 
M-F: 4pm – close 
Sat & Sun: All Day

Training Facilities

Our state-of-the-art technology gets you as close to the game as possible even in the cold winter months. Stop by and take a look for yourself.
  • Seven Trackman units—club and ball flight measurement system used by PGA Tour golfers
  • Two K-vests—3-dimensional human movement tracking system used by PGA Tour golfers
  • Multi-high speed camera video analysis system
  • Laser/high speed video—putting studio
  • Multiple contoured green complex that runs 11 on Stimpmeter
  • Chipping & pitching areas
  • Two bunkers with Augusta sand
  • Training & balance aids
  • Game plan meeting room
  • Clubhouse lounge with 70” TV, ping pong & wireless internet

Programs Offered at The Cube

Junior Essentials


The Junior Essentials program at The Golf Practice is an age specific (ages 5-14) introduction to the game of golf. The program’s goal is to get young golfers excited about learning and participating in the sport. We nurture this excitement by using a variety of non-traditional tools to assist our junior golfers on their path to discovery.

Through skill-based game playing, drills, and contests, players continue to build their athleticism and golf movement skills while understanding methods and techniques used to move the ball around the course.

Travel League


The Travel League is intended as an introduction to competition. It is geared toward young golfers who can demonstrate basic playing skills, a primary understanding of golf rules and etiquette, have previous golf course experience, and show an interest in competitive golf. Junior Travel League introduces the skills that are imperative for competitive play.

Travel League classes are offered twice a week and each class is 90 minutes. In addition, during the spring and summer months, students will be invited to compete in weekly 9-hole tournaments.

High School Prep


The High School Prep is designed for the experienced junior golfer. This invitation-only program is open to standout players who are interested in taking their game to a more competitive level. Participants in High School Prep are junior golfers who have a desire to play at a high level and are dedicated to improvement. These golfers are well on their way toward understanding their abilities and what it takes to achieve their individual goals. Students will gain the knowledge and ability to practice efficiently, and effectively evaluate their experiences in order to maximize their time and effort.

Varsity Prep


The Varsity Prep program is designed for experienced high school golfers. This invitation-only program is for players interested in competing at the varsity level and being a leader on their respective high school team. Participants should have a strong desire to play competitively, be serious about learning, and have demonstrated a dedication to improving their game which includes body and mind. These golfers are well on their way toward understanding their abilities and what it takes to achieve their individual goals. We will provide them with the knowledge and resources to practice efficiently and effectively in order to get the most out of their time and effort. Varsity Prep classes meet twice per week, and each class is 90 minutes.

Mastery 360


The Golf Practice’s most comprehensive program to date: “Mastery 360.” This educational journey will cover all spectrums of factors influencing performance. This program is intended for highly committed, self-motivated individuals with a deep desire in taking their game to the highest junior level, collegiate golf. Not only will it provide individuals with the resources to become great golfers, but students will mold strategies and habits that can be applied to achieving excellence in any endeavor.