Club Fitting

Having the Proper Equipment is Extremely Important for any Golfer

Everyone will get the most out of their ability by having clubs that are the appropriate length, weight and shaft flexibility—which is based mainly on your height and how fast you swing, among other things. Our experienced staff is available for custom club fittings to help you find the perfect clubs for your game.

The decisions regarding equipment are different at each level, and below is some pertinent information and advice to guide you in the process.

Junior Golfer (age 5-13)

The most important thing for beginning golfers, boys and girls, is having clubs that are the correct size and weight for them.

A common mistake parents make is buying their child clubs that are too long and thinking they can grow into them. While we understand this from a financial standpoint, if a student’s clubs are too big for them, it will be very difficult to control and develop proper technique.

Imagine an adult adding six inches to the end of their driver. It would be too heavy to swing fast, and too long to control. U.S. Kids Golf Ultralight clubs are the best option for beginners. The clubs are fit by height, and they are light enough for kids to control and swing fast.

Note: Top Flite and Bazooka (and some other brands) make kids clubs. These typically come with steel shafts and are too heavy for kids this age to swing. Please avoid these.

Junior Golfer (age 13-18)

As kids grow, they will need appropriate clubs.

U.S. Kids Golf Tour Series clubs work great as a set for those who now swing too fast for the Ultralight clubs but are not yet ready for an adult set. The Tour Series comes with 10 clubs (driver, 3-wood, hybrid, 5-9 iron, pitching wedge, sand wedge).

The other option is an adult set. Once a player outgrows the Tour Series, which is over 63” tall, they are ready for an adult set.


The two main problems we see with adult clubs:

  1. Their clubs are too old and heavy.
  2. They do not have enough clubs to fill the proper gaps in their bag.

For example, they may go from driver to 5-iron, leaving possibly 75 yards of distance between those two. Or they may go directly from a pitching wedge, which could be as low as 44 degrees of loft, to a sand wedge at 56 degrees. This is a big gap that could be as high as 25 yards of distance.

If a player’s clubs are too old or heavy, they would greatly benefit from a club fitting and having lighter clubs and shafts that will help them hit the ball farther and higher. Especially with a driver, shafts come in a variety of weights and flexes, so unless you have been fit for your clubs, you likely are sacrificing either distance or accuracy, and maybe both.

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