Youth Introduction to Golf

Start Early for a Lifelong Love of the Game

For juniors in the 5-12 age range, our Junior Essentials classes and Half-Day Summer Camps are meant as an introduction to golf, done mostly through gaming stations and non-traditional training techniques.

Our experienced coaches create a detailed curriculum that sparks a desire to learn, an excitement for the game and development of the fundamentals.

A byproduct that comes with participating in this introductory phase, which prioritizes enjoyment more than results, is students meet new friends and continue to mold the proper conduct and behavior that is required in their everyday lives.

The Golf Practice is a proud partner of U.S. Kids Golf.


“The Cube” Indoor Training Facility (spring, fall, winter)
Canal Shores Golf Course (spring, fall)

Student-Teacher Ratio


Rental Clubs

Can be purchased for additional $40

Make-up Policy

Player may attend another Junior Essentials I class if space allows.

Programs Offered

For Ages 3-4

Birdie Basics

Create – Connect – Play

Birdie Basics is a story-driven golf instructional program that empowers young golfers by creating a playful and imaginative learning environment.

Classes meet once per week for 45 minutes.

“Never Touched a Club”

Junior Essentials I

Learning the Necessary Fundamentals

Junior Essentials I (minimum age 5) is the first level of group programming offered at The Golf Practice. The program’s goal is to get young golfers excited about learning and participating in the sport. We nurture this excitement by using a variety of non-traditional tools to assist our junior golfers on their path to discovery. At the completion of JE1, students will have the ability to swing in balance and wedge the ball in the air consistently.

Classes meet once per week for 60 minutes.

“No More Whiffs”

Junior Essentials II

Building on a Solid Foundation

The Junior Essentials II program is designed for students who have begun to develop an interest in getting better and progressing as a golfer. Through skill based games, drills, and contests, players will continue to build their athleticism and golf skills. The goal of Junior Essentials II is to prepare students to take their first steps on a golf course.

Classes meet once per week for 60 minutes.

“A Bridge to Travel League”

Junior Essentials III

Learning the Finer Points

The Junior Essentials III program is the final step before golfer’s embark on their competitive golf journey. Students in Junior Essentials III will begin preparing for acceptance into TGP’s invite only Intro to Competition program called Travel League. Students in Travel are ready to take to the course and learn to compete. In Junior Essentials III, students will begin preparing their game for on course play.

Classes meet once per week for 90 minutes.
(Includes one 60 minute private lessons per session)

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Junior Golf Summer Camps

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