Mastery 360 Program

An Elite Holistic Training Program designed to take your athlete to the top of their game

Mastery 360 is a high performance program for players with the vision and commitment to work towards excellence at the highest levels. This highly customizable program aims to provide a roadmap for families with long-term goals and to support their athlete in the pursuit of their dreams.

This educational journey will cover all factors influencing performance. Not only will it provide individuals with the resources to become great golfers, but will provide strategies and habits that can be applied to achieving excellence in any endeavor.

In our 32 years of training competitive junior players we have solidified ourselves as top performance professionals with proven methods, tour used concepts, and an impressive track records of college athletes. This elite, 9-month program will provide its members with their own professional team.

M360 Includes

  • Private Training. Each player will receive a customized blueprint that focuses on technical improvement and skill development. A unique performance plan will be developed for each athlete that sets goals, critical performance metrics, and a custom playing/training schedule.
  • Competitive Group Training. We believe in fostering a healthy competitive environment which is known to heighten motivation and intensify focus. Being surrounded by other highly driven athletes contributes to strong culture of team, discipline, and mastery.
  • Mental Coaching. Unique training that leads our athletes to being present in their experiences and cultivates the capacity to let go of disappointments, frustrations, and anger. The intention of this training is not to stop anyone’s reflexive reaction of judging a shot or striving to become an accomplished golfer, but rather to learn to be detached when inner self-criticism or self-doubt arise. Students learn that these techniques can be applied in school, home, and on the golf course.
  • Speed Training. It’s no secret that more distance is where the game is going, and added yards increases scoring opportunities. Our athletes will go through a 8 week course using dynamic, oscillating, and variable resistance exercises. The results of this course have been extremely successful with participants seeing between 10-30 yards of increased distance.
  • Course Management System. Students learn how tournament winners manage their game by optimizing course strategy. DECADE, the hottest program in golf was developed by our friend, Scott Fawcett. This course management system has solved golf strategy by combining shot distribution patterns and elite scoring statistics. Our players learn a simple way to optimize target selection and conquer expectation management.
  • Tournament Readiness Blueprint. This course helps our athletes overcome the frustration and anxiety that often accompanies competitive golf. By providing step-by-step framework and guidance, our players can walk to the first tee with the assurance and confidence that comes from effective preparation.
  • Training Trip. Every January we take our team South and experience the elements of outdoor golf. This trip serves as a 3 day golf training intensive and winter progress report. Mornings are spent at the practice facility working on skill development, drilling and competitions. Afternoons are spent on the golf course implementing on-course strategies and preparation. This important time allows our coaches to measure each student’s winter development plan and evaluate if any modifications need to be implemented.
  • Tournament Trip.  Every February students will gain valuable experience playing in a national 2/3 day tournament, down south, honing their skills in developing and implementing a successful tournament strategy. Coaches are on hand to emphasize the tournament readiness skills which include navigating a productive practice round, creating a plan for each hole, executing a well timed pre-round warmup, applying stress reduction techniques, and objectively debriefing after each round and altering the game plan, if necessary.

Program runs November – July
Enrollment for 24′-25′ Season
Begins October 1, 2024

The Golf Practice is a PGA recognized academy


“The Cube” Indoor Training Facility (winter)
Sunset Valley Golf Club (spring, summer, fall)

Student-Teacher Ratio



  • Full commitment to a journey of improvement with specific goals & measurements
  • Developing healthy habits that can be applied to ALL endeavors
  • Being part of a group with common interests and aspirations
  • Being held accountable at every step of the process

Current/past College Teams with TGP Players

Stages for All Ages

Meet Your Team

Chris Oehlerking, PGA

Program Director | TGP

Josh Zoldan

Mental Performance Coach

Jantzen Miserak, PGA

Senior Coach | Strength Training Expert

Andy Hayes

Senior Coach | TGP

Supporting Team

The M360 College Prep program partners with several respected companies that specialize in golf club fitting and optimizing performance of the body and mind.

How to Enroll

Our Mastery 360 program is an invitation only program for truly dedicated young golfers. The 9 month program runs from November to July and requires the participant to commit to the training and tournament schedule.

If you’d like to learn more or set up a private interview fill out the form below.

“Danny has had the advantage of a comprehensive team, encouraging and pushing him every step of the way. He has commented that the structure and rigor of the TGP programs are akin to what he experiences as a Division I golfer, and has provided a smooth transition from junior to college golf. TGP coaches care about Danny the person before the golfer. The support has been above and beyond. These individuals continue to impact Danny’s life, in golf and otherwise, in a way that exceeds illustration.”
Leslie Fisher
Mother of Danny Fisher, M360 graduate and Miami University player