Junior Golf Summer Camp

“Discipline and Concentration are the direct result of Fascination”

Half Day Camp is Level I of our three Summer Camps offered at Canal Shores GC in Evanston and Skokie Sports Park, is for beginners or students with limited experience.

At The Golf Practice we believe fascination to be the most important thing for improvement. Students can learn without fascination, but they learn much more quickly, and retain the information better, when they are first fascinated by what they are doing. Our camp experience is based on helping students experience the four most fascinating things about golf…

– Hitting the Ball in the Air
– Hitting the Ball at a Target
Curving the Ball
– Hitting the Ball Far

Through this coaching model, campers will grow a love for the game that will fuel them towards future achievement in the sport. Our professional golf coaches have developed a curriculum over a 30 year period that blends teaching the fundamentals of the game with a fun, game based experience. Campers will play competitive games using hockey sticks,  soccer balls, and velcro 12 foot dart boards all in an effort to stimulate the four pillars of fascination. We guarantee your child has never experienced a golf camp like this.


  • The Golf Practice started at Canal Shores in 2014 with 5 kids in a Fall beginner clinic.
  • As our Half Day Campers skills advanced and their interest in competitive golf grew, we created a Travel Camp and eventually a High School Prep Camp.
  • Today, we serve 600 kids per year at Canal Shores, including over 100 competitive golfers. Most of which started in our Half Day Camps.
  • In 2021, four of the top six ETHS Boys Varsity team were Half Day Campers with us when they were younger and began learning golf.
  • Over the years we’ve had numerous golfers graduate from our Half Day Camps to more competitive programs at The Golf Practice including 5 students who currently participate in our Mastery 360 College Prep program.

$415  / week

(Payment plans available)

The Golf Practice is a proud partner of U.S. Kids Golf.




Canal Shores Golf Club (Evanston, IL)
Skokie Sports Park (Skokie, IL

Student-Teacher Ratio


Rental Clubs

Can be purchased for additional $25


M–F: 9:00am-12:00pm. Each student will finish at noon each day and be prepared for pickup no later than 12:05pm.

What to Expect
Campers will be paired in groups of 4-5 golfers with one assigned counselor. This high school or college aged counselor is responsible for making sure all golfers are safe and having an enjoyable experience. The counselor will accompany their group around the golf course to different stations. At each station a senior coach will be present providing the golf instruction or administering the game or competition. 



We will issue a full refund if we know 48 hours or more in advance. If it’s inside that window, we will apply credit to your account, to be used toward future group programming.

Half Day Summer Camp
@ Canal Shores 

$415 / week

All camps are M–F at Canal Shores Golf Club.

Week 1

JUN  7 – JUN 9 

Week 2

JUN  12 – JUN 16

Week 3

JUN  19 – JUN 23

Week 4

JUN  26 – JUN 30

Week 5

JUL  3 – JUL 7 

Week 6

JUL  10 – JUL 14

Week 7

JUL  17 – JUL 21

Half Day Summer Camp 
@ Skokie Sports Park

$415 / week

All camps are M–F at Skokie Sports Park

Week 8

JUL  24 – JUL 28 

Week 9

JUL  31 – AUG 4