Travel League

Junior Travel League​

Introduction to Competition

Travel League is the fourth step in TGP’s Junior Development Series and is intended to be an introduction to competitive golf. Travel League is geared toward young golfers who have demonstrated basic playing skills, a primary understanding of rules and etiquette, have previous golf course experience, and have an interest in competitive golf. Travel League golfers will be coached to be thoughtful students of the game while challenging their own abilities through well-intentioned practice. Students will have an understanding of their specific golf projects and how they can utilize various resources to properly measure their progress and experiences.

This program focuses on golf fundamentals, including:

  • A reliable pre-shot routine – Junior golfers will continue to build a consistent pre-shot routine that allows them to analyze and prepare for each shot, which is a skill that is needed to successfully perform under pressure.
  • Wedging skills – Students will gain an understanding of how to execute a proper wedge shot and how to vary their shot trajectory through their setup and stroke.
  • Putting technique – Students will continue to develop their grip and posture to allow for a free-moving putting stroke, and they will work on various drills to isolate the skills specific to putting (e.g., reading greens, clubface alignment, solid contact, and speed management).
  • Recovery shots – Each player will be taught specialty shots that can be utilized when trying to escape trouble areas on the golf course.
  • Competitive playing procedures – Players will learn more advanced rules and the nuances of golf etiquette that are required in tournament competition.

Travel League classes meet twice per week, and each class is 90 minutes. In addition, during spring and fall sessions, students will be invited to compete in tournaments that are held once per week.

Evaluation required for all new students. To schedule a free evaluation, contact us at

Our staff has created a document (below) to assist families in deciding on a tournament schedule for their junior golfer.

The quantity of events you might play in is something that differs from player to player, depending on their experience and comfort level, so don’t feel like you have to follow our recommendations exactly.  Our advice for Travel League students is highlighted in yellow. If you would like to discuss this more in detail, please contact your TGP coach or email us at

TGP Tournament Guide

Tuition $1,435


North Shore Travel League
(Highland Park, Deerfield)
16 classes

Includes Sunday tournament entries

Tuition $1,435


Evanston Travel League
(Canal Shores Golf Course)
16 classes

Includes Sunday tournament entries

The Golf Practice is a PGA recognized academy


North Shore Travel
“The Cube” Indoor Facility (Highland Park)
Deerfield Golf Club
Sunset Valley Golf Club

Evanston Travel
Canal Shores Golf Course

Student-Teacher Ratio



Fall Team Format

The Fall season is made for team golf. We took inspiration from our Varsity Prep students playing on their High School golf teams, and created a fun and exciting season long team format for our Travel League students. Your junior golfer will be assigned to a team for the entire Fall. These teams will train together during the week and compete against other TGP teams on Sunday afternoons in different team formats. Points will be awarded at each Sunday tournament and at the end of the Fall, the champion will be crowned at an awards ceremony/pizza party.

Fall Schedule (North Shore Only)

At the beginning of the session, Students will be split into two groups. Students in Group A will attend class on Mondays at Sunset Valley Golf Course and Wednesdays at Deerfield Golf Club. Students in Group B will attend class on Mondays at Deerfield Golf Club and Wednesdays at Sunset Valley Golf Course.


Students participating in Fall Travel League are expected to play in the Sunday tournaments. The class tuition includes all entry fees for tournaments. The schedule is as follows


Rental Clubs

We offer a yearly rental club program. Please contact us to learn more.

Make-up Policy

In entering this program, it is expected that your junior golfer attends each class. Since this isn’t always possible, whether it’s due to an illness or another commitment, we offer one make-up class on 10/17

What’s expected from Travel League students

Participation in the Travel League program is a commitment, but for those golfers willing to put in the effort you will see great improvement in your overall game.

Program elements:

  • Twice a week group classes
  • One 60-minute private lesson
  • Once a month individual practice
  • 9-hole tournaments with TGP
  • 2–4 tournaments a year (IJGA & U.S. Kids)

Note: These are basic expectations that come with entering this program. Not all bullet points are included in the cost of tuition.

Target Score

from 1350 yards



The average score for Travel League students is 54 from 1,350 yards, though some students fall below or above that baseline. 

2022 Fall Session

North Shore Travel

(Sunset Valley Golf Course and Deerfield Golf Club) 
Tuition: $1,435

includes entry fee for all six Sunday tournaments

 Evaluation required for all new students. To schedule a free evaluation, contact us at

Mondays & Wednesdays

16 classes

AUG 22 – OCT 12 | 4:30pm-6:00pm

2022 Fall Session

Evanston Travel

(Canal Shores Golf Course) 
Tuition: $1,435

includes entry fee for all six Sunday tournaments

 Evaluation required for all new students. To schedule a free evaluation, contact us at

Tuesdays & Thursdays

16 classes

AUG 23 – OCT 13 | 4:30pm-6:00pm

TGP’s Golf Bag Program

Junior golfers who participate in three or more advanced programs within a 12-month period will receive a complimentary and personalized golf bag as a recognition of their dedication. Each golf bag will include a customized TGP logo and the player’s name.