Junior Essentials

Junior Essentials II

Building on a Solid Foundation

The Junior Essentials II program is designed for players aged 8-10 who are interested in continuing to progress as golfers. Through skill-based games, drills, and contests, players will continue to build their athleticism and golf skills while understanding methods and techniques that are used to effectively move the golf ball around the course. We equip our juniors with the ability and vocabulary to know what is correct, and how to communicate those feelings and ideas.

This program focuses on golf fundamentals, including:

  • Establishing a setup routine – Junior golfers will build upon The Golf Practice’s unique setup method—which includes properly gripping the club, addressing the ball, and aiming the clubface—and delve further into the nuances of a sound dynamic posture.
  • Impact position – Students will learn how ball flight is affected by impact elements and how to consistently strike the ball on the center of the clubface.
  • Wedging – Junior golfers will be able to implement proper wedging techniques by learning the importance of controlling trajectory, and they will be able to differentiate between various short-game shots.
  • Bunker shots – Students will learn how to hit successful bunker shots, with a focus on successfully escaping the sand as a means to promote overall confidence.
  • Proper grip and hand/wrist articulation – Students will explore various hand positions and deliveries so that the club can be swung and delivered squarely to the ball.
  • Swing basics – Students will explore how the golf club rotates around the body to produce a strong and steady swing from start to finish. Equipped with the proper grip, alignment, and understanding of the swing, junior golfers are now ready to make solid contact with the ball.

For Ages 8–10


“The Cube” Indoor Facility
(Highland Park)
8 classes

The Golf Practice is a proud partner of U.S. Kids Golf.


Spring, Fall, Winter:
“The Cube” Indoor Training Facility

Spring, Summer, Fall:
Canal Shores Golf Course

Student-Teacher Ratio


Rental Clubs

Can be purchased for additional $40

Make-up Policy

Player may attend another Junior Essentials I class if space allows.

2020 Winter Phase I
at “The Cube” Indoor Facility
(Highland Park)

$349 for 8 classes

No class on Sunday Nov 29th (Thanksgiving)

Covid-19 Policies
– Students and staff must arrive in and wear a mask for the entirety of class
– Please do not enter the building more than 5 minutes before class
– Students and staff will be temperature checked before entering the building
– If a student or staff registers a temperature of 100.4 or higher, they will not be permitted to attend class
– Hand sanitizer and gloves will be provided, if necessary
 – If your child or an immediate family member is sick or has been in contact with Covid-19, please do not attend class

Sunday Class 1

OCT 25 – DEC 20   |  8:30 am – 9:30 am

Sunday Class 2

OCT 25 – DEC 20   |  9:45 am – 10:45 am

Sunday Class 3

OCT 25 – DEC 20   |  11 am – 12 pm