Adult Winter Lesson Series

TGP is proud to unveil its 2020-21 Adult Winter Lesson Series. 

Our academy is offering 3-lesson packages, focused on different areas of the game, to new adult students. 

Turn a weakness into a strength this offseason at our 13,000-square foot facility.


  • Hit The Long Ball Like Matthew Wolff – Learn the keys that George Gankas, one of the world’s top coaches, stresses to his students every day, like how to use the ground to create a stable and powerful action. More importantly, pinpoint the ones you might be deficient in and work to improve them with Lead Coach Andy Hayes. Email to schedule.
  • A Pain-Free & Flexible Swing – This option, led by Senior Coach Jantzen Miserak who specializes in physical fitness and how it can benefit your golf game, focuses on finding and creating mobility in your body and swing. Email to schedule.
  • Become A Short Game Wizard – In this series, we master shots around the green with Coach Andrew Martinez-Grant, specifically six different shots. Each shot is tailored to a specific situation, making the decision-making process easier and leading to fewer mistakes. Email to schedule.
  • Roadmap For Beginners: Gain Confidence & Competence – This option for beginners centers on the fundamentals of the game: setup, grip, takeaway, body movement and much more. Coach Elijah Collins will work with you to build a solid foundation in all areas of the game, including putting, short game and full swing. Email to schedule.
  • She Plays Golf – This is a 1-on-1 version of a previous group class of ours. This is open to all women, whether you’ve never played before or have years of experience. Curriculum will be customized by Coach Peter Leinenweber to fit your game and improve your weaknesses. Email to schedule.


The Cube


$270 for 3-lesson package

Rental Clubs

Available upon request

“I have taken lessons in the past – and always reverted back to my bad habits. This time Chris started at the beginning and made changes that are very easy to incorporate. Highly recommend The Golf Practice and their philosophy towards learning.”
She. Plays. Golf. Student