She. Plays. Golf.

This fun and engaging workshop series for women is beneficial for all levels, whether you’re a complete beginner or someone looking to refine their skills.

Join individually or with a couple girlfriends, and receive personal coaching on all aspects of the game in a stress-free, relaxed environment.


  • Introduction to full swing – Learn the fundamentals and keys to success with irons, woods
  • Wedging – How to hit different shots around the green
  • Putting – Get introduced to reading greens, basics to a solid stroke
  • Course rules & etiquette – Tips to feel comfortable on the course


The Cube



Rental Clubs

Included in price of the workshop

Current Sessions

If current class times do not fit your schedule, contact us at to discuss options.
This session has been canceled due to the coronavirus. We are now offering on-course private training at Deerfield Golf Course and Canal Shores Golf Course in Evanston. These are one-on-one sessions (coach and student) and will strictly follow the guidelines outlined by state officials. To schedule an on-course training session, email or text your coach, call us at 847-850-0956 or email us at
“I have taken lessons in the past – and always reverted back to my bad habits. This time Chris started at the beginning and made changes that are very easy to incorporate. Highly recommend The Golf Practice and their philosophy towards learning.”
She. Plays. Golf. Student