She Plays Golf

Join women of all skill levels in this fun, stress free group class.

Beginner topics

  • Proper grip and hand/wrist articulation. Students will explore various hand positions and deliveries so that the club can be swung and delivered squarely to the ball.
  • Establishing a setup routine. Golfers will begin to develop the necessary parts of a pre-shot routine through an introduction to The Golf Practice’s unique setup method, which includes properly gripping the club, addressing the ball, and aiming the clubface.
  • Swing basics. Students will explore how the golf club rotates around the body to produce a strong and steady swing from start to finish. Equipped with the proper grip, alignment, and understanding of the swing, golfers are now ready to make solid contact with the ball.

Intermediate TOPICs

  • An effective short game – Arguably the most important aspect of golf, participants will develop an understanding of various short-game shots (e.g., chip, pitch, high-pitch) in addition to exploring techniques for escaping bunkers.
  • Putting – While putting is an integral part of the overall short game, it is also a skill all its own that requires specialized attention. Players will develop their putting abilities through various drills that isolate different putting skills such as reading greens, club face alignment, pace control, and ball rolling.
  • An understanding of ball trajectory and solidness of contact – Students will drill swing patterns and learn techniques to create a repeatable, consistent swing. At first students will focus on solidness of contact and the importance of hitting the ball on the center of the club face. From there, students will gain more control of their golf ball by hitting different trajectory shots.


per class 

“The Cube” Indoor Facility

New classes coming this Fall/Winter!


“The Cube”, Indoor Facility

Class Structure

She.PLAYS.Golf is a weekly class that can be attended at your convenience. We encourage you to attend each week, but you pay per class and are not locked in to the 8 week session. Students will be broken into groups of three and taken through a fast-paced one hour class. Groups will spend time at different stations working on various skills and playing fun, but competitive games.


We welcome women of all skill levels. Our coaches will evaluate all golfers at the first class and create group pairings based on skill.

Rental Clubs

Available upon request

“I have taken lessons in the past – and always reverted back to my bad habits. This time Chris started at the beginning and made changes that are very easy to incorporate. Highly recommend The Golf Practice and their philosophy towards learning.”
She. Plays. Golf. Student