TGP Men's League

Our vision is a league that is not only competitive but highly social and engaging. Each league night you will play 18 holes with your partner, compete in an individual up-and-down challenge, participate in the long-putt challenge for cash prize, and enjoy time with friends and new golfers. We at TGP have longed to have a Men’s League indoors that simulates what a Men’s League is like outdoors either public or at your own club. Our goal is to facilitate a competitive team environment that also brings people together! If you like competing, working on your game and meeting new people, then this league is for you. 

January 10 – March 13 (10 weeks)
Wednesdays at 8:00pm

– 18 holes with your partner on TrackMan
– individual up-and-down challenge for one point
– long-putt challenge each night with growing cash prize pot

– bring your own golf clubs
– bring your own beverages
– Cash for skins and long-putt challenge

Up and down challenge for points each league night

Each player attempts the challenge before they leave- 1 point available to each player for their team

Long putt challenge each league night

Each player gets one attempt on the night. For each miss, the pot grows $5!

Nightly League Round Points

1st place scores 7 pts

2nd place scores 6 pts

3rd place scores 5 pts

4th place scores 4 pts

5th place scores 3 pts

6th place scores 2 pts

7th place scores 1 pt

Skins and low team

Net and gross skins are available each night

$10 per choice ($20 if you get in both)

$10 for deuce pot

Cash only

2023 Winter Men’s League
(Highland Park, IL)

Tuition: $800 per team


10 weeks

January 10 – March 13 | 8:00pm

Doors close at 10:30pm