Travel League Summer Camp

(North Shore)

On-Course, Skill Development Training for Aspiring Tournament Golfers

This Travel League Summer Camp, aimed at intermediate-level players who enjoy playing on the course, is located at Glenview Prairie Club. It is for students in our Travel League programs throughout the year and players with experience in the game.

This camp focuses on course management and strategy on the course. Whether your child is playing in tournaments regularly or just beginning their journey on the course, this Travel League camp will help them lower their scores. The students will be working with the coach to get around the course in the most efficient way, teaching them vital skills to make the round more enjoyable and helping them to eliminate mistakes.

Each day there will be a different challenge for the kids to complete on the course. Through these challenges we will focus on target practice, landing zones, reading greens, managing the wind, and much more.

This program focuses on helping players develop:

  • Individual swing projects – Each morning, students will work on their full swings and coaches will analyze swings and provide feedback. These will typically be minor tweaks and worked on throughout the week.
  • Wedging skills – Students will gain an understanding of how to execute a proper wedge shot and how to vary their shot trajectory through their setup and stroke.
  • Putting technique – Students will continue to develop their grip and postures to allow for a free-moving putting stroke, and they will work on various drills to isolate the skills specific to putting (e.g., reading greens, clubface alignment, solid contact, and speed management).
  • Competitive playing procedures – Players will learn more advanced rules and the nuances of golf etiquette that are required in tournament competition.

$799  for Session 1 

$979  for Session 2

Payment plans available)

The Golf Practice is a proud partner of U.S. Kids Golf.




Glenview Prairie Club (MAP)


Tuesdays and Thursdays: 3pm-5pm


For convenience of summer scheduling, the Summer Travel League is broken up into two sessions. Feel free to attend both session or just one.

Rental Clubs

The Golf Practice offers a yearly rental club program. Please contact us for more details.

Participants Should

  • Be able to walk 9 holes.
  • Demonstrate the ability to launch a ball at a desired target and have an interest in exploring competitive golf.
  • Value fun and game-based competitions.
  • Have a passion to improve.
  • Have a positive attitude.



Students participating in the Summer Travel League program are encouraged to participate in area summer tournaments. Please contact Alex Prior at to discuss a customized tournament schedule for your junior golfer.

Please note: Illinois High School golf tryouts begin the week of August 8th, 2022

Summer 2022

$799 / Session 1  |  $979 / Session 2  
(payment plans available)

Classes are Tue/Thurs from 3pm-5pm at Glenview Prairie Club

Session 1

JUN 7 – JUN 30  |  3pm – 5pm

Session 2

JUL 5 – AUG 4   |  3pm – 5pm